Medical advantages of Betel Leaves


Betel Leaves Medicinal Values

Betel leaves contain numerous medical advantages, therapeutic and recuperating properties. It contains vitamins, for example, vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, and carotene. It is likewise a decent wellspring of calcium.

An investigation of a betel leaf demonstrates that it contains 85.4% of dampness, 6.1% of starches, 3.1% of protein, 0.8% fat, 2.3% minerals and 2.3% fiber for every 100 grams.betel leaves

Late reviews have found that betel leaves contain a basic oil that contains a phenol called as chavicol that has potential disinfectant properties. Here is a brief depiction about the medical advantages of betel leaves, Betel Leaves Medicinal Values.

  1. Nearby utilization of the leaves benefits in the treatment of irritations, for example, orchitis and joint pain.
  2. Betel leaves absorbed mustard oil, somewhat warmed and connected on the mid-section mitigates hack and breathing trouble in youngsters.
  3. A hot poultice of betel leaves or squeeze blended with refined coconut oil when connected on the loins benefits lumbago ( bring down back agony).
  4. Nearby utilization of betel leaves soothes a sore throat.
  5. Juice of betel leaves dropped in the ear calms ear throbs.
  6. Betel leaves have diuretic properties. Its juice blended with weakened drain and sweetened marginally facilitates pee.
  7. Betel leaves adequately treat wounds. Pound the leaves, separate the juice, apply on the injuries, wrap a betel leaf and swathe the injury.
  8. Betel leaves adequately treat bubbles. Simply warm a leaf till it turns out to be delicate, coat a layer of castor oil on it, spread it over the exciting territory and rehash it at regular intervals for best outcomes.

Betel leaf and Diabetes

It is proposed that segments display in betel leaves can diminish the level of sugar in the blood. This may help in treating diabetes.