Small Insect-eaters and Human Killer


Jigger is a kind of insects that normally exist in the head that causes itching. Talking about ticks, maybe you would not believe if there are the smallest yet very deadly ticks, fleas are named Tunga Penetrans or better known as the Jigger.Jigger

Here’s a bit of knowledge about the small flea Jigger deadly.

This mite has a very small size and difficult to distinguish from a grain of sand. Ticks or insects, many living in areas of Africa, hiding in the ground and stepped on the sand waiting for a man. Later, these insects will get into the skin in contact with him.
They will put his head into human flesh and purposely let his stomach open. After two weeks of his stomach will be full of eggs ready to hatch. After the eggs hatch, the mother would soon die and will usually cause infection.

Not only that, the children new-born will also damage the nervous system, soft tissue, and blood vessels.
These insects are entered in this type of parasite, jigger will leave the infection. If you are infected by these insects are only two possibilities. Amputation or die?